How many people can we fit in our space? What is the appropriate amount of square footage per employee?
What design & color scheme will work for our company culture? These are all questions we are
asked on a daily basis and extremely qualified to help you with. Based on your wishes we
will present options for new interior layouts and color schemes.

What to Expect.

What is functional design? Beautifully designed spaces that make sense!

It's funny how many times per day we talk about communication and the importance of it, but that word "communication" is exactly why we are so successful at what we do. This open dialogue between our designers and you is what is necessary to achieve your ideal space.

Our job is to translate your vision into reality despite the time frames, the cost constraints, and space. We are extremely passionate about this!! Funcitional design, spacial design, colors, finishes, paints, carpet, and fabrics all things that we love to mix and match and make work in every space we design.

While we tailor the process of space planning and design to each client's unique needs, there are typically things you can expect from us:

  1. Consultation and assessment - Realizing your goals for the space? Do you want your office to be Modern, Edgy, Conservative? What is the ideal work envirnoment that you would like to create with your new space?
  2. Developing custom solutions - We tailor your design & furniture around your goals and needs. Everyone’s is different so there isn’t ever a one size fit’s all solution.
  3. Implementing the solution - This is the day were all the hard work pay’s off!! The furniture is in, the carpet is laid, your beautiful space is coming to realization. /li>

We can provide:

  • - 3D renderings
  • - Detailed drawings
  • - Project timelines
  • - Product specifications
  • - Inventory reports and reuse plans