Allsteel Reflect Lounge
Allsteel Reflect LoungeAllsteel Reflect LoungeAllsteel Reflect Lounge

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Your happy place is where you recharge. Where you escape from daily distractions. Where you focus on what matters. Think it’s unattainable in today’s frenzied office environment? Think again. Take time out with Reflect, a new solo workspace from Allsteel’s Gather collection of furniture.

Reflect creates personal refuges around the open office – in the hallway, adjacent to a row of workstations, or near a wall of windows. Enjoy the privacy of a large, enveloping back that reduces distractions and communicates unavailability. Or the generous space formed from wide armrests and an oversized seat, allowing room for your laptop, paperwork, and other tools of the trade. And the comfort of padded upholstery, which cushions you as you finish that email, report, or video call. Some time away is good for everyone. Focus your attention in the right place with Reflect.