Find a selection of designer innovations by renowned brands. Our experienced professionals knowledgeable of current trends will guide you through the ever daunting task of furniture selection that meets your form and function. Making your space and furniture unique to you.

What to Expect.

The workplace should nurture personal well being & reflect the culture.

Our services go beyond simply choosing furniture. This is an all emcompassing process that involves revisiting our initial consultation in order to ensure that all your goals and expectations are met for your business’ space.

Today’s most efficient workplaces are not focused on cramming as many employees in a room as physically possible with humdrum cubicles and dividers. Rather, a workspace must inspire thought, promote collaboration, and engage employees in order to drive productivity.

We believe that an office is much more than a place to slave away for 40+ hours a week. Workplaces should nurture personal wellbeing and reflect the culture and values that the business has worked so hard to establish. All in all, when you turn to Charles Edward, we will ensure that you are making the most out of every inch of your space.

We tackle all shapes and sizes of spaces, but here’s just a few examples of types of spaces we provide solutions for:


The reception area is typically the first impression clients will have of your business. It is absolutely vital that an office’s reception area reflects the business’ brand and culture, while also fostering an inviting and comfortable space for communication. Not only is a well-designed lobby key to impressing and welcoming clients, but it will also attract and engage talent as well.


Whether your office’s lounge space exists for employee collaboration, an additional meeting space, employee breaks, or some combination of the three, the Charles Edward team will implement design and products that encourage teamwork, innovation, and productivity. More and more business are realizing the benefits that collaborative work can have, and we are all about maximizing those benefits. Through our design and product selection, our solution will support the collaborative efforts of your office with a palette of place, posture, and presence.


Conference rooms have been evolving to support the wide range of technology that can be used to share and present information in a business-client environment. Efficient and intelligently designed meeting spaces allow your business to offer a cutting-edge experience for workforce meetings and clients. No matter the size of your conferencing space, we will procure products that suggest clout and influence.

Private Office

Although the way we work has changed drastically over the decades, the private office has steadily remained a symbol of prestige and power. At Charles Edward, we strategically design and plan private offices with both form and function in mind. We understand that a private office must retain a certain level of independence, while also encouraging communication and collaboration to stimulate productivity.

Open Workspace

Research has indicated that when four states of work (focusing, collaborating, learning, and socializing) are included in an office environment, employees are able to realize their full innovative and creative potential. The Charles Edward team keeps these four states of work in mind when designing a high-performance open workspace. Open plan spaces are typically the best option to promote productive environments because they allow for collaboration and increased visibility while also allowing individual work to be completed when necessary through the use of privacy walls and effective benching systems.

Storage and Filing

While technology has come a long way in eliminating the need for entire rooms devoted to filing systems, businesses still require storage and filing options. While this area of an office is typically geared toward logistics and function, the Charles Edward team is still sure to implement a design that complements the style of the rest of the office. From individual filing cabinets, personal towers, and bookshelves, we can provide a solution for all your storage and filing needs.