Charles Edward can oversee every angle of your business’ relocation

HumanScale_Keyboard_Ergo_3Trust the Charles Edward team to ensure a smooth, timely, and cost-efficient office furniture installation and configuration. This service includes, but certainly isn’t limited to:

Systems Installation & Reconfiguration

Through our years of experience, we have become experts in delivering, installing, and configuring all types of furniture and products. Our certified installation crews are eager to make your office’s transition hassle-free.

Moving Services

The Charles Edward team offers hands-on involvement, as well as a qualified project manager, when it comes to overseeing your move, and furniture installation.

Relocation Management

We understand that moving from one facility to another can severely cut productivity in your workplace. Turn to Charles Edward’s specialists to oversee the planning and implementation of your move so that your employees can focus on what’s really important: maintaining the business.


Charles Edward utilizes a professional, knowledgeable, and efficient warehouse operations crew to provide a high level of service to our clients. The Charles Edward team can dismantle, stage, load, transport, and store furniture efficiently, while maintaining an accurate inventory and protecting the products.

Product Recycle & Disposal

 A commonly overlooked task involved in office reconfiguration or relocation is the task of disassembling and removing furniture and other products. The Charles Edward team will help you determine the value of your products and locate interested buyers all over the country. If the furniture is determined to have no value, Charles Edward can help by quickly and efficiently removing any products that can be re-purposed, recycled, or otherwise disposed of.