CHARLES EDWARD & CO. is a design/consulting company that helps individuals & companies create work environements that are functional and beautiful. We use strategy and design to connect our clients to brands / developers / architects / specialist / ergonomist / movers that fit your needs.

We specialize in functional design that meets and exceeds our clients expectations. Our work is driven by making our clients happy and building spaces that people love to work in.

Our Team

What makes us different?
Our work, our passion
and our people.

We can only be as strong as our people and because of this, we only hire individuals who aren’t afraid of challenges and actually look forward to them. Our team members come from all different backgrounds, most have run their own businesses, designed game changing spaces, consulted with Fortune 500 companies. We know that we are only as good as the sum of our parts and we strive to be the best.

We use our personal experiences and interests to define our company values and offerings. Our roots are grounded in a customer is first attuide, midwestern values, spacial design, family, and loyalty.

The key to our success is that we embrace collaboration and demand that our strategists, designers and project managers work closely and directly with our clients through this sometimes pain staking, but fun process. We believe in being accessible, transparent and honest and expect the brands we partner with to be the same.

team member
our team